Highlands Ranch

Highlands Ranch

Highlands Ranch Golf Club - Highlands Ranch, CO
Website:  www.HighlandsRanchGolf.com
Phone:    (303) 471-0000


Highlands Ranch is a very large, master planned community located approximately thirty minutes south of downtown Denver, CO.  Highlands Ranch Golf Club was a collaboration between the golf course landowner and a national homebuilder located on the perimeter of the community.  The goal of the project was to amenitize the real estate surrounding the course while providing a high end semi-private golf experience for the community.   The land was blessed with natural rolling terrain, beautiful views of the mountains, large groves of cottonwoods and interesting features throughout Marcy Gulch. 


The majority of the players coming to the Golf Club would be families and recreational golfers; however the land owners wanted the course to be able to host a college event in the future, so we designed around those goals and surpassed them.  Highlands Ranch G.C. is currently home of the University of Denver golf team and also host to their annual tournament.  The national homebuilder sold through their golf course inventory in record fashion and the course is consistently ranked as one of Colorado’s best among the golf publications and players alike.  One reason for this success is because we designed and allowed for larger corridors for the golf holes.  The result of that is the golfer does not feel crowded by houses and the homebuyer does not feel the effects of the golfer as they are set back, creating a park-like effect.

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