The Golf Club at Cordillera – The Mountain Course - Edwards, CO
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Cordillera is a major residential and resort development in the Vail Valley.  One of the first developments to truly go up into the mountains to build the golf courses, Cordillera has become the largest development in the Valley.  The objective was to create multiple playing environments within one mountain community.


When Hale Irwin Golf Services was selected to design the first golf course at Cordillera, (The Mountain Course) we were given the charge to “put us on the map” by the owner/ developer.  This was quite the challenge as the land we were given to design the course upon was some of the most extreme in the entire development.  Construction ensued and the land as we found out, was not our biggest challenge…convincing the buyers that there would be a course out there “someday” was the challenge.  Due to the very short growing season at 8,000 feet, the grow-in of the course would be delayed.  Knowing that the masses of fall tourists would be potential buyers, Hale Irwin convinced the owners to sod the entire course, which then released the floodgates of buyers and the real estate market has never looked back.  Cordillera has become one of the most sought after addresses in the mountain west, with the Mountain Course being a favorite of the members due to it’s playability, classic style and phenomenal views.

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